Welcome to the Yale Innovative Interactions Lab! The Innovative Interactions Lab is a research group directed by Dr. Alan E. Kazdin, within the Department of Psychology. Our lab is dedicated to learning more about how children and youth interact with animals and robots to improve their own wellbeing and cope with the challenges of daily life. To learn more about our work, please visit our research page.

Current Research Projects

We are currently recruiting two groups of participants for two different projects: 1) Moms and children 2-6 with a dog in the house and 2) Children 7-10. Fill out this short survey to sign up. To see what it’s like to participate in our studies, check out our photo gallery here.

We are also looking for dog models for one of our projects. If your dog is photogenic, fill out this short survey to sign up.

We also need pictures of you and your dog for a new project. If you’re interested or want more information, check out the survey here.

Interested in gaining research experience with children, animals, and robots?

Undergraduate Students: We are accepting applications for Spring 2018 research assistants. Please see the research page for details about our work. Interested undergraduate students should contact Molly Crossman for more information about the position and planned projects. Please attach a brief (one paragraph) statement about why you are interested in joining the lab, and a resume or CV if you have it.