We partner with a number of dog-handler teams from the community for our work involving dogs. You can learn more about recent canine volunteers on this page. If you and your dog are interested in volunteering for one of our studies, email us at


Dolly (The Hello Dolly Lama) is a ten-year old tri-color Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She has been a registered Pet Partners Therapy dog since 2008. In that time, she and her handler, have visited both Yale New Haven Hospital and Connecticut Hospice on a weekly basis, where she offers great comfort to patients of all ages, families and staff alike.  In addition, for the past three years, Dolly has regularly visited the Yale Outpatient Adolescent Mental Health Clinic, where she cuddles with and amuses the patients. On an ad hoc basis, Dolly has responded to emergencies in Newtown and Milford, Connecticut.

When she is not working, Dolly hangs out at home with her “little brother”, Elwood Blues. A year old, tri-color Pembroke Corgi, he hopes to be a therapy dog one day. 


Rocco is a nine-year-old Samoyed. Rocco is named after his father, Champion White Magic’s Rock (Rocco) Star. He has been a working therapy dog since he was eight months old, and was the youngest to have graduated from the Good Dog Foundation’s training program at the time. His calm and patient demeanor makes him naturally suited for this work, and a great favorite at the pediatric cancer clinic in NYU Medical Center, where he worked for most of his life. He is now looking forward to his new role at the Innovative Interactions Lab and is thrilled to tell the other dogs in the dog run that he’s a researcher at Yale! Rocco comes to us through the Good Dog Foundation. 


Pards is seven years old now and is as white, furry and adorable as ever.  She is so friendly that if a child were to give her all the hugs in the world, all she would do is ask for more - literally. If you are with her and stop patting her she will gently nudge you on the arm to remind you to keepgoing. Sometimes, she will even whisper in your ear. Pards loves being with whomever is closest to her and is comfortable with everyone, including other dogs.  She has the ability to put everyone at ease within moments of meeting her. Because of this, Pards has become a celebrity in our neighborhood, all the kids on the school bus give her a shout-out when they pass by. She loves to see the children on and off the school bus, wagging her tail to say “hi” to all the kids. Pards comes to us through the Good Dog Foundation. 


Bailey is the quintessential Golden Retriever. She is 10 years old and was born on a farm in New Hampshire. Bailey and her pet Mom have been a therapy team for 6 years. She has visited hospital patients and elderly patients in nursing homes. She now works at two elementary schools visiting with young boys and girls who are learning to read. She especially loves to hear stories from the kids about other dogs and the silly things they do!

When Bailey is home and just hanging out she LOVES to play catch in the back yard, catching tennis balls ‘on the fly,’  and carrying two at a time in her mouth. She also loves going for walks with her little brother, Cooper, a 5-year-old Shih Tzu. Like all retrievers, Bailey loves water and is a great swimmer.

Bailey is very friendly and enjoys making new friends. She looks forward to her visits to Yale! Bailey comes to us through the Good Dog Foundation. 


Deuce is a people “person.” He is a 9-year-old flat-coated retriever mix who weighs 60 pounds.  Deuce’s favorite activity is sitting at your side, or even in your lap! Deuce was adopted from a shelter in Tennessee when he was about three months old. He now lives on a farm in Connecticut with his four canine siblings. Deuce loves to go to work. He is a certified therapy dog through the Good Dog Foundation and for the past six years he has worked visiting hospitals and library reading programs. Deuce comes to us through the Good Dog Foundation. 


Lumina is a 10-year-old Golden Retriever. She lives in Weston, CT with her family. Her favorite things are playing ball, belly rubs and having people pet her! She is the mom of 19 puppies, Grandma of 21 puppies and Great Grandma of 11 puppies with Guiding Eyes for the Blind. She loves her pet therapy job with The Good Dog Foundation, and meeting new friends along the way. She hopes to see you soon! Lumina comes to us through the Good Dog Foundation. 

Finn Knudson-Waites

Finn is a three-year old rescue mutt born in the woods of Tennessee, who loves meeting new people! A former therapy dog with PetPals in Boston, Finn would visit the elderly and became fast friends with both residents and staff. Since moving to New Haven with his handler Krista, Finn has become famous as the official Yale School of Medicine therapy dog, and is currently a member of the research team on the YSM therapy dog evaluation. When Finn isn’t working on the YSM study, he spends his time chasing balls in the park, getting muddy while hiking, and stealing dirty socks from the hamper to instigate a game of chase, a long-time personal passion of his.


Peyton was a canine model for a recent survey we did!


Bullwinkle was also a canine model for a recent survey we did!


A number of dogs come to us through The Good Dog Foundation.  We are very grateful to them for helping us advance the scientific knowledge in this area.